What goes through your mind when you’re purchasing a new watch? Do you ever find yourself doubting its quality or authenticity? Are you always entirely sure of its market value? Or do you question its ability to retain that value over time? You most certainly don’t want to make an investment in rare, unique, vintage or high-end horology unless you are entirely certain of what it offers you. And there is no reason why you should have to.


At Chronowide we have the experience, expertise and market insight to allow you to make these investments with complete peace of mind. This is not only based on extensive horologic knowledge and targeted research skills and tools. It’s also driven by a desire to share in the joy of collecting and trading vintage, luxury and superior quality watches.


This is what we have specialised in for over a decade. And why you can rid yourself of uncertainty by relying on us for all your horologic needs. We offer appraisals either at our own offices in Antwerp, Belgium, or we will accompany you to examine a piece at the registered jeweller who is selling it.


And when you have found and purchased the exact piece you’re looking for, we offer servicing and maintenance to keep it in perfect condition. Whenever repairs or replacements are required, we use genuine articles to ensure your piece maintains its authenticity. And when it comes to authenticity, you can put your faith in our detailed examinations and assessments.


Chronowide also provides sales services. How do we help you here? Our expertise ensures you receive the true market price for your piece. This doesn’t just rely on our extensive knowledge of all sorts of watches and timepieces. It’s also based on insight into market value and of course, availability. You’ll benefit from our network of contacts. It helps you close a quick sale with an aficionado who will truly appreciate the value of the piece you are selling.


In short, at Chronowide, we bring peace of mind to all your trades and transactions in the horologic world.